TB Field Hunter

I am writing in praise of your product BTB Hoof. Four years ago my thoroughbred field hunter was diagnosed with mild to moderate navicular syndrome. Maintaining him on Bute and Isoxuprine did not prevent typically three navicular flare-ups a year – one in the spring, summer and fall. 

At each flare-up I would have to be off his back for at least two weeks. Early in 2003 I became concerned with the long-term effects of Bute. I decided to try BTB Hoof, which I had read about in Horse Journal. My horse has been on it ever since. In the spring of this year he began to get very slightly “ouchy” at the end of each work out. I increased his dosage of BTB Hoof and took a mile off his workouts.

Within two weeks he was perfectly sound on his maintenance dose at a full level of exercise. Three months later the same thing happened with the same results. Each time I never had to stop riding him! This Fall I waited for the same thing to happen. It never did. My horse has been perfectly sound despite the increase in his work, which happens at this time of the year. Your product is absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t be without it!

Sincerely, Anita Bergin, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

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