Welsh Ponies

As a recognized breeder of Welsh ponies for over 30 years, I have been in the position on many occasions to try different equine products, which often claim fame of miraculous cures, where others have failed. I have become somewhat weary and wary of new over the counter products, but have nevertheless continued to research and utilize certain products in our farm program, which could possibly enhance or have benefits for our ponies’ welfare.

I first learned about Evitex from two well-respected fellow breeders, 2 years ago – one in Great Britain and the other in the USA – who had experienced very positive results from this product. I did however, feel encouraged by their convincing testimonials, but need to know first hand if it could work for our ponies on a long-term plan. I felt we had enough animals on the farm afflicted by varying degrees of hormonal imbalances and pituitary disorders, that a private study done by us could be done effectively on these animals, and the results fairly observed and tabulated, giving us a good perspective of the effectiveness of Evitex.

We have 33 welsh ponies at our stud, 6 of which are breeding stallions. Five of those are over 24 years of age, the oldest being 28, and approximately half a dozen males and females who are reaching their 20th year. Most of these ponies in various degrees and levels, struggle with hormonal imbalances and related afflictions common to ponies. Some more obvious than others.

Within a period of 7 days from the administration of the first dose to the mare listed below, absolutely dramatic effects were observed. Definitely an encouraging start to a two-year program.

Case #1

24 year old section B broodmare, who had repeatedly over the years foundered, despite constant therapeutic care and drug intervention.

Pregnant for the absolute last time, and 5 months into her gestation, her failing health and inability to walk and function normally was painfully obvious to both pony and her owners. The maximum dosage of Evitex was administered with some concern, as its possible (but not proven) negative effects given halfway into pregnanc, and which had not been documented. It was however, a last ditch effort before terminating the pregnancy. 7 days later, this mare exhibited her approval showing her well-being by breaking loose out of her open door stall at a full trot, leaving her owner still bent over in total surprise, with hoof pick still in her hands.

It is worth noting here that this mare had not attempted to walk without some pain in 3 years, let alone trot. After this incident, she continued to improve in leaps and bounds in every respect, and 6 months after this date, delivered a beautiful, big healthy filly with absolutely no complications.This mare is now retired to live her life out with her old friends. She is in really good sound health, and has resumed her old position as alpha mare in the herd. She will continue to be given her medicine on a maintenance level as long as she enjoys life.

Case #2

25 year-old cherished Welsh Mountain Pony broodmare. Foundered after retaining a dead foal, which left her with uterine type 2 Metritis. This mare displayed the usual stance and walk of a foundered pony. Her attitude was poor and lethargic, she displayed a poor coat, lacking muscle tone and had difficulty retaining weight. Maximum dosage was given, which produced noticeable results after 14 days and maximum results in body, limb and attitude in 6 months. She now walks, trots, canters and bucks and has quality of life.

Case #3

Several moderately affected ponies including 2 stallions, who individually, have been given extra years because of this product and new attitudes & what’s a pony without attitude!

The above outlines only a few case histories on our farm, considered successes not only by us, but also our medical advisors. In conclusion, I would like to say this product certainly no longer has to convince us of its effectiveness. We will continue to use it as long as necessary for the health and well-being of our precious ponies, and will pass the good word along with gratitude.

Thank you Emerald Valley

Sincerely, Sandra Costanzo-O’Brien & Gene O’Brien

Brookside and Lakeview Studs, Brightwood, VA



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