Hi Cheryl;

Thanks so much for the recommendations; I will forward the names to my vet so she can follow up as she feels necessary.

I would like to let you know how well my boy (the 13 year-old Paso Fino gelding) is doing pain-wise, now that we have completed switching him to the BTB Plus and OFF Bute and sucralfate. He is like a new horse! Gone is the tentative step and the almost ANGRY affect. We’ve even begun to put him out with the other geldings for the last couple hours. Yesterday when I took off the lead line, he took off like a shot! He ran, he rolled, he approached every other gelding out there wanting to play. It was such a relief! I felt sooo good, I was so relieved to see him looking so much like the “old” Valioso. I have NO doubt that lion’s share of his sudden improvement is due to us taking him off that Bute!

Thank you so much for making such a great product, the success he’s had with the BTB Plus encourages me when I think about trying him on Evitex. If that works even half as well as the BTB Plus it will be well worth it.

Debi Blank, Eastern Maine

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