Tuffy’s quality of life

Hello, I just had to write and let you know what your product BTB Hoof has meant to my Quarter horse gelding Tuffy.

Tuffy came to me two years ago at the age of 14 to pasture sit my broodmare. He is a lovely 16.1 hand, huge gelding with a sweet disposition and little feet! I had never seen this horse before he came to my farm and I was appalled when he got off the trailer – his front feet hurt him so much that he didn’t want to step down to the ground from the trailer barely able to walk. He had been diagnosed with navicular since he was 5. His owners had left him barefoot for the last two years.

Needless to say, I got the farrier out ASAP to take the pressure off his navicular. We had to rest him between feet because he couldn’t tolerate the pressure of standing on one front leg for very long. When he was finished being shod it felt so good to him that he took off bucking when we turned him loose.

I then turned to providing him with whatever product was on the market that he could tolerate which ending up giving him only the slightest comfort. Then I read about BTB Hoof and decided to try that on Tuffy. He was quickly reaching the stage where his quality of life was compromised and this was the last thing to try. He made an immediate improvement and along with comfort level. I always give it to him in the am and can tell if Im late. I know BTB Hoof is no cure, but I am grateful that I am able to give him some relief with this product.

Sincerely, Chris Bershaw, McMinnville, OR

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