Thank you so much for the helpful and natural Evitex


Tuxedo_1Emerald Valley!

Thank you so much for the helpful and natural Evitex. My horse Tuxedo has been on this supplement for many years now, and is doing great! At first, when diagnosed with Cushings I opted with hesitance, for the medication. But shortly thereafter I came across Emerald Valley and IMMEDIATELY ordered the Evitex. As per my veterinarian at that time, I was the only one who provided the alternative supplement to my horse and there was some curiosity how this was going to work out. After about five years on the Evitex, my 32 year old gelding is still doing great! He moves like a younger horse and few horses at his age rolls, bends his hocks the way he does and canters beautifully.

He maintains his muscles and weight and his back is very straight. His coat grows during colder seasons, but it is easier to remove and he likes to be brushed. Prior to Evitex he flinched and seemed sore when being brushed and didn’t like it at all. But this does not happen when he gets his Evitex.

Tuxedo_2Tuxedo was born in 1971 and I have been his proud owner since 1983. His life started in California at the racetrack where he spent many years. He spent time in Canada with his former owner and was retrained for 3-phase. I met Tuxedo in 1983 and was told he was a jumper. We rode, jumped and started dressage training. He had beautiful movements and always willing to do his best. He is a trooper and still has many of the movements in him. He is a real family member and loves his stable friend, Olivia a Swedish warmblood, his best friend. Tuxedo relocated with the family in 1993 from California to Illinois and again in November 2002 from Illinois to Texas arriving in excellent condition. I am so glad that Evitex together with his daily Senior feed keeps him healthy, spirited and happy. Enclosed please find some pictures. Thank you again!


Eira Gregard, Denton, Texas

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