Barney healed inside and out


barney2I just placed an order for two bottles of your Soothex. It is unbeatable for healing. Please let me tell you why. My husband and I use it frequently on our horses for their bumps, bug bites and boo boos. We have one particular horse, Winnie, who foundered in 06. We gave her the Formula 4 Feet. Getting her back to health took us in quite an unexpected direction. Now other people call us to help them with their foundered horses or ask if we will just take their horse. Barney is one of the horses that we have taken in. He was in bad shape back in May, near death. He has been overworked to the point that his muscles tied up, he coliced and foundered. He lost 500 lbs in 2 weeks, according to his previous owner. Barney was covered head to tow with sores from harness and abuse. He is 4 y/o, but his feet had never been trimmed. So when we got him home, we went right to work on those open, oozing sores & trimmed back those poor feet (while he was lying down) and started him on a program of herbs to help his hindgut. We had never encountered a horse like Barney before. He was like a robot, did not turn his head or make eye contact. His feebarneyt were also abcessing, so his pain was enormous. He stood like a statue.

Generous use of the Soothex on Barney has eliminated almost all his sores & scarring. Hair started growing back quickly. But using it on him has affected even another important change. He began to turn his head and look at us as we applied the Soothex& as if to say thank you. Gradually he has begun acting like a horse should. Winnie gets frustrated with him because she wants him to mutual groom with her and he does not know how. (Got any suggestions on that one?) We tell her we understand, but she will have to be patient with him.

Well, sorry about the long windedness. Just had to tell you that carefully applying Soothex on a horse can help heal them both outside and equally vital, inside. As you can see, this splendid guy, when his is ready, he has a new home with a loving family waiting for him. Keep up the good work& love that Soothex.

Regards, Pat D, IN

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