Sierra’s Classy Lady

In May 1996, I had the opportunity to witness the birth of a beautiful Appaloosa filly.

She was bred by a friend of mine – who invited me to witness the birth. I immediately fell in love! I bought her when she was a week old. Her name is Sierra’s Classy Lady, I call her Sierra. She is now coming seven. I have always loved Appaloosas, ever since my first horse when I was barely four. His name was Pepper and we were inseparable.

Sierra has had some problems in her life. She had a terrible time with sand colic, pigeon fever and then founder. The founder occurred immediately after she was cleared of the pigeon fever. My vet did all the usual things – including x-rays which confirmed a 2% rotation of both front feet. Just the mention of the word founder sent chills in me, the word I never wanted to hear. The vet put Sierra on the normal course – grass hay, stall rest, isoxsuprine and bute. After several weeks and 2000 isoxsuprine tabs – Sierra was thought to be “cured”. Three days later the pulsing in her feet returned. Back to the isoxsuprine and bute.

During this time a friend of mine was reading about a product BTB Hoof.  I must say I was skeptical to say the least. But Sierra is my baby and I felt I owed her a try, so I did order. That was in May of 2002. I had not been able to ride since June of 2000. Every time I had tried she should have an immediate reaction, with pulsing in her feet. My farrier trimmed her every 8 weeks and she was shod on the front with bar shoes. So on June 6, 2002 I started with a loading dose of BTB Hoof. I noticed on that morning that Sierra had a digital pulse that I could feel, but she did not appear to be lame. I continued for a week. After 7 doses the pulsing was gone. She was acting frisky and not laying down near as much. I continue to give Sierra BTB Hoof everyday. I have gradually reduced her dose to the current level of 45 ml per day. I have her back in training and she is barefooted! My farrier says her feet look great and she is moving well. She is back to being a useful riding horse. My plan for her has always been to be my trail horse. Thanks to BTB Hoof, I believe she can be that horse. Without it, I am not sure what her fate would be. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your product. My ”angel” is back – and it’s because of you!

Sincerely, Linda Garmong, Minden, Nevada

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