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corepage_headers_shop_emeraldIt’s only natural to want the best.

Welcome to Emerald Valley Natural Health, where we have been caring for horses (and dogs) since 1997. Emerald Valley offers reliable, natural horse supplements of the highest quality along with treats, bran free mashes and tea tree topicals. Our products are highly recommended and regarded by veterinarians, nutritionists and farriers, and of course, our long standing customers.

Over the years we have continued our mission to bringing healthy and natural products to the horse health industry by complementing our herbal supplements with natural feeds and treats. Emerald Valley is now the USA importer and distributor of Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet, beet pulp based feeds. Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet feeds from British Horse Feeds, are non-GMO and low sugar. British Horse Feeds is one of the UK’s most successful specialist suppliers of farm feeds, micronized ingredients and horse feeds, with customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

Non-GMO horse hoof supplement “Formula 4 Feet” from EquiLife, joined our product line 10 years ago. Developed at The Laminitis Clinic by Dr. Robert Eustace, Formula 4 Feet is the most advanced and complete horse hoof supplement on the market today. The Laminitis Clinic has developed a real understanding of the nutritional factors which keep a horse’s hooves in peak condition.

Emerald Valley Natural Health is dedicated to helping you achieve consistent, positive outcomes for the animals in your care. In addition to marketing a top quality line of products, we provide personalized customer service. If you should need further help in finding the best product for your equine partner (or canine), give us a call or email. We are always happy to help!

A word about the National Animal Supplement Council.  NASC_QualitySeal

NASC members are industry participants and other stakeholders of the finest in animal supplements, committed to the highest current standards of quality in the industry today. NASC members’ products may carry the NASC Seal on the label, providing a symbol of “quality assurance” for consumers. The Seal provides consumers with the assurance they are buying a product from a reputable company that has successfully completed a facility audit. NASC members must agree to adhere to NASC’s quality standards, which include submitting to an independent audit to ensure conformance with quality system requirements.

Our Commitment

Emerald Valley is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council and certified to display the NASC Seal of Quality. Our products are manufactured with purified water, under strict batch control and quality guidelines, in a licensed facility. This is the important difference in the quality, effectiveness and reliability of our products. There is no alcohol in our solutions, only the natural herbs, that help invigorate the horse in your life, naturally.