Sean’s (aka Cusack) impressive hoof growth


Cusack is a New Zealand-born thoroughbred found himself a long way from home. The 11-year-old raced for four wins on Kiwi shores. Cusack ended up in an auction house in Washington State, possibly on a path to slaughter. Susan Young noticed his Kiwi thoroughbred brand. She contacted Horsetalk, who intervened. Deb Johnson saw a Facebook link about Cusack posted by a friend, and offered the gelding a lifelong home on her 40 acres in Kansas. With time short, Horsetalk agreed to underwrite the cost of buying and shipping Cusack to Kansas. You can read about Cusack’s journey on

August 2, 2011
I’ve pulled all my horses off a very expensive supplement plan by another company. I’m betting everyone will look a lot better in no time at all on Formula 4 Feet. At this point, Shaun is very thin, his coat is terrible and his feet are chipping easily. We hope to get him healthy enough for barefoot by winter. Our winter hits us around Christmas, so we have a little time. I sure would like to see him looking more like the picture of him racing. He’s really a sweet, mellow guy.

August 18  – I notice his usual chipped up back feet are looking good, even after 4 weeks.

August 21 – I still would like to see some more muscle on him, but dang he’s looking pretty good.  He’s putting on some healthy hoof growth, as opposed to the many rings he had.  It’s one solid, smooth hoof with the new growth.  His coat looks wonderful!  He’s certainly looking better. 

Shaun's Hoof Nov 2011_lrNov 15 – He looks to be 1/2 there to a new hoof, hoping he will be pasture sound by next summer.  The new growth looks amazing, and you should see the coat he has right now!  All the little hairs on the top of his tail are now long and lovely.  His mane is probably twice what it was when he arrived.  The farrier is very impressed with his new hoof growth, too.  Ed McCarty, my equine dentist said he seemed to be a lot happier, and confident.  He’s a healthy, happy horse thanks to you.  He looks great!

Jan 1, 2012 – Shaun has been on Formula4 Feet since June. Yesterday he threw both glue-on shoes and ran around like a wild pony. He is pasture sound! We tried barefoot in June, only to find he was immediately lame. Still going to shoe him for the winter as frozen ground can create some issues with newly barefoot horses. But come spring, he’s going barefoot! The farrier was blown away with how much hoof wall he’s grown.

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