Well I couldn’t find the original, but it’s such an easy product to write about if you believe in it that here goes again…

Due to numerous resets and constant riding, my Morgan’s hooves were beginning to show the wear and tear and were not only chipping, but acrylic had to be used to fill in chunks that had come off. We’d had him on a well-known hoof supplement since he was under saddle, but after a time it seemed as though his system was no longer benefiting from it.

A horse in our barn was suffering from laminitis and I gave your ad to the owner since I thought it sounded like it would assist his healing process. I then figured, hey what about my own horse. He didn’t have lameness issues, but surely needed stronger hooves!

Since a hoof grows fairly slowly, the first place I noticed a real difference was increased shine in his coat. He’s always looked lovely, but now he shone like a newly minted penny. Then I asked our farrier to keep an eye on any changes he felt were visible. He began commenting on the new growth and was impressed. Riot has now been on the supplement for 9 months.

We’ve left him barefoot for the winter and all the problem areas have now grown out. He generally gets a few little chips in his white (normally softer) hoof, but this time the farrier came there were none. He told me that in the spring when Riot is re-shod he’ll have a wonderful, strong foot. It’s what we’ve wanted for him and thanks to Formula 4 Feet it’s been achieved.

Stephanie Lavertu, Maine


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