Solution 4 Feet®


Hoof dressing and disinfectant all in one, highly penetrating with natural oils.

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hoof dressing and disinfectant for equine thrush treatment

Helping to keep your horses’ feet nicely supple and able to perform their role.

Looking for a natural and effective equine thrush treatment, hoof dressing and disinfectant all in one! Here it is. Solution4 Feet combines the powerful disinfectant powers of two natural oils and four modern disinfectants in an organic matrix, allowing the penetration of active ingredients into the horn and provides sustained release for prolonged effective action. The natural oils and disinfectants in Solution4 Feet helps destroy hoof eating microbes which cause white line disease and thrush. Secondly, Solution4 Feet includes substances which help to keep the horn at the correct state of hydration; neither too wet, nor too dry or brittle. Solution4 Feet also provides phospholipids, essential constituents of healthy horn and a powerful antioxidant. Regular use leaves a healthy hoof with a beautiful sheen.

hoof brush with plastic cover for applying solution4 feet
Made in England. No-mess, hoof oil brush. Plastic cap covers bristles to prevent drips and keep your tack box clean.

recommended for:

  • hoof moisture balance
  • healthy soles and walls
  • cracked hooves

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6.5 in

Hoof Brush Add, 500ml

Isopropanol, povidone Iodine, silicone oil, tea tree oil, neem oil and lecithin.

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