Canine Benegest® PRO


Prebiotic and Probiotic for dogs to help promote healthy gastric function.

Formulated to help support the digestive tract along its entire length and helps manage the risk of digestive upset.

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dog digestion

Benegest PRO, a complete profile of prebiotics and probiotics, helps support all three stages of the digestion process. Without prebiotics, probiotics are rendered ineffective and will eventually die off. Benegest PRO contains the probiotics needed to promote a healthy gut and the prebiotics to maintain the health of the probiotics. Benegest PRO may aid in enzymatic break down of feed and maintains the vitality of the absorptive surfaces; it may also help optimize the utilization of fiber. While you try to feed your dog the best diet, if your dog’s gut is out of the balance, he may not be getting the most out of his feed.

Benegest PRO, with the necessary combination of prebiotics and probiotics, along with yeast and enzymes supports the whole gastro-intestinal tract.  It helps to maintain healthy levels of gut flora and correct ph levels.  Added enzymes may aid in the breakdown and utilization of nutrients. Yeast, containing Vitamin B, helps in managing separation anxiety and stress issues, when the body burns Vitamin B quickly. Yeast is also high in antioxidants to support the immune system. The natural benefits of going PRO are felt from wet nose to wagging tail!

Benegest PRO is a palatable powder, containing brewers yeast and fenugreek, favorite flavors of our four legged friends!

Recommended for:

  • healthy gastro-intestinal system
  • digestive upset
  • immune function

3 lb. bag, average cost per day:                                   

  • up to 25 lbs.    $0.10
  • 26-50 lbs.    $0.19
  • over 50 lbs.    $0.38

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5lb bucket, 11.5lb bucket, 3lb resealable bag, 5lb resealable bag, 11.5lb resealable bag

Oat by-product, inulin, brewers dried yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, aspergillus niger fermentation (phytase), hemp seed oil, hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate, saccaraomyces cerevisiae, sodium bicarbonate, kelp meal, pectin, L-glutamine, yucca schidigera extract, fenugreek meal, dried bacillus licheniformis, dried bacillus subtilis.



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