BTB Hoof


A natural solution for tender feet, occasional soreness and circulation.

(Not for sale in the state of California)


 hoof care supplement for circulation and discomfort

BTB Hoof is recommended to support healthy hoof circulation and heart function in horses. Healthy blood flow is essential for normal hoof function and performance. You know the old saying… no hoof, no horse!

Does your horse have tender hooves, soreness or foundered? Hoof circulation plays a vital role in a horse’s well being. A well balanced diet, clean water for hydration, regular farrier visits and exercise helps keep the hoof stronger and healthier. The diet, seasonal changes, conformation and heredity, riding surface and turnout all have an effect on the health of the hoof.

BTB Hoof is formulated for horses with heel soreness or weak hoof wall. BTB Hoof helps maintain healthy bone, connective tissue, joint structure and function and circulation to the extremities. The herbal ingredients, devil’s claw and hawthorn, will help manage discomfort due to daily activities and normal exercise.

Supplying your horse with a daily vitamin/mineral hoof supplement, a balanced diet and exercise will keep your horse’s feet in good condition. If you and your horse get into trouble, BTB Hoof will help support healthy circulation, manage discomfort and get your horse back to it’s normal daily routine.

PLEASE read directions for use on product label (under ingredients tab above) before ordering.

recommended for:

  • sore, tender feet
  • healthy circulation,
  • discomfort
  • hoof health


Benefits of Devil’s Claw & Hawthorn

Devil’s Claw is a plant which grows naturally is South Africa. It is not a cactus like plant where water is stored in the leaves, but stored in the tubers attached to the roots. The tubers are the raw material used in herbal supplements for horses and dogs. The name Devil’s Claw evolved from its appearance, shaped like a claw. It is very tough and produces ‘nasty injury’ to livestock or humans who tread on it. Devil’s Claw is used to support normal inflammatory response and discomfort in horses and dogs.

The Hawthorn is a deciduous tree of which the leaves and flowers are used for herbal supplements. It is said “Hawthorn is superior to any of the well known and tried herbs for a healthy cardiovascular system”. Hawthorn is especially helpful to the senior horse for healthy circulation and heart condition. Herbal supplements containing hawthorn may benefit horse hoof circulation and the joints of horses and dogs.


Additional information


1 Liter (Recommended for dogs and minis), 2 Liter, 1 Gallon

Devil’s Claw 7.5 mg per ml,
Hawthorn 7.5 mg per ml




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