You’ve come to the right place to treat your horse in a healthy way! Emerald Valley’s horse treats and mashes are low in sugar and starch to help maintain metabolic health, yet still allow you to spoil your favorite equines. Whether you are looking for a great training reward or a nutritious mash after a hard days work, we have what your horse is looking for. Our low sugar/low starch treats and mashes make a nutritionally sound option for all equines. Emerald Valley’s bran free mashes soak up plenty of water quickly offering an easy option for re-hydration, and to replenish nutrients including fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Our natural horse treats are simple, made with just two ingredients, and the perfect way to limit sugar in the horse’s diet, while still letting your horse enjoy a treat!
*Emerald Valley Mashes and Beet Treats are nonreturnable.

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