myriah face_lrThe hoof growth really has been remarkable, and not just in the heel, where apparently laminitic horses tend to grow like crazy. She has good growth all around the toe and one foot has grown back good sole already as well – on an 18 y.o. horse in the dead of winter.

Twice as much growth as her 5 year old stablemate with naturally excellent feet has had in the same time. The other foot is still working through damage from abscesses, but we are cautiously optimistic for the first time. I am also curious to see how this supplement helps her in the summer as the poor thing also suffers from sweet itch (developed the year before last) and keeping her coat, mane and tail in any kind of condition through the summer has become a struggle. I am hoping the shine I see now in her coat translates into a better summer for her.

I wanted to show you some inteMyriah_08_10_RFresting X-rays of my mare who has been on Formula4 Feet since she foundered badly 2 years ago. She did have a slight sore period last year again before we added some support for her Cushing’s Disease, but it was nowhere near the violent reaction she had to the seasonal rise in the first year and we are curious if the combination of Formula4 Feet and the Cushing’s medication helps her get through her “danger zone” (August 15 – September 15) this year without incident (knocking wood madly). At any rate, you can clearly see the amazing sole growth she has experienced with your product despite the poor resolution of the first set of X-rays.

Here is a recent picture at last of my mare during her supervised paddock time (on the Formula4 Feet she tolerates pasture without any issue until August, at which point we wean her off until the end of September when the grass becomes safer again… the fall seasonal rise seems to be her nemesis).

You can see her very fine coat is beautiful as well, considering we are at the height of a horrible fly season and she suffers frmyraih_hoof_lrom sweet itch. I feel the supplement has helped her with that too.

I think the X-rays are the best indicator of how dire her situation was… You can see her feet look downright pretty for so much rotation and the sole is gorgeous thanks to all that healthy growth and my excellent farriers.

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