My favorite Gelding!

WOW! BTB Plus has made a HUGE difference in my 24 year old gelding with a bad pelvic injury. He is walking almost normally now and even feels good enough to trot and canter! Before using the BTB Plus, he had horrible trouble even walking. He slipped on a dusty stall mat and reinjured some really bad pelvic ligament tears. The vet wanted him on Bute and Banamine indefinitely, but I heard such great things about BTB from my equine chiropractor, Beth Quay, DC that I took him off the Bute and Banamine completely and switched to BTB Plus. I gave him 50 ml a day and noticed a huge difference the next evening! Thanks so much for your product, it is GREAT. It is so nice to see my horse happy and out of so much pain.
– Susan Olson, Riverside, CA

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