Manuka Plus Testimonials

Amy’s Gelding


Your new product, Manuka LR, is miraculous!!! After my 3 yr old Arabian was gelded, we noticed that he started swinging his head to one side and acting like he was going to bite his flank. The vet ruled out colic and scar tissue and chalked it up to behavioral. My friend suggested Neighlox for possible ulcers. That seemed to give him some temporary relief. So I began trying several differenct ulcer remedies; corn oil, Pro CMG, even GastroGard. I also changed his feed and environment. Some remedies did nothing, others gave temporary relief, but nothing lasted. He has now been on Manuka LR for over 2 months and hasn’t bitten at his flank for at least 5 weeks. His whole demeanor has softened. In the first 2 days his eyes lost their pinched look and by the end of the first week his attitude was softer and stopped pacing in his stall. He began looking for attention instead of avoiding everyone. What a difference! I can’t say enough! I am a firm believer in Manuka LR and recommend it to anyone who suspects ulcers in their horse. Anne Neville, IL

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