Mack_afterThank you for helping our boy get his spunk back as well as his health!

Words cannot express how thankful we are that a neighbor passed along your advertisement for Evitex. We have been the proud owner of Little Mack for over a year, however have been involved with him for over 6 years. We have watched this small 20 year-old Spotted Saddle horse gelding (who had a big horse personality) founder year after year.

When his previous owners decided to place him with us, our first job was to get the vet out to diagnose his problem. While the crested neck and cases of founder led us to believe Cushings, we were devastated to learn he was a definite Cushings patient with 15 – 18% rotation in both of his front hooves.mack_before

We immediately started him on Pergolide and had the farrier out for some extreme work on his hooves. Within a few weeks we noticed an improvement, however with summer heat upon us, Little Mack continued to drink mass amounts of water and grow a winter coat. Each day we administered this medication and hoped we were not harming him more due to the potential side effects.

This spring our neighbor noticed us outside once again shaving 3-inch hair off our best friend. She brought up an article with testimony of another Cushings horse. After reading, I decided it was certainly worth a try. I spoke with Cheryl at Emerald Valley, and had our first 2 litres of Evitex delivered. Within 3 weeks, Little Mack had shed down fully to his beautiful black and white coat, his eyes seemed brighter, water intake adjusted to a normal level and amazingly each night he would come to us with a nicker in a running walk vs. a lazy lumber.mack_after_1

Today, Little Mack is back to ruling 2 Quarter Horse mares with all the spunk of a 10 year-old. He continues to be our best friend and my 11 year-old daughter’s passion. We look forward to many more years of trail riding and showing him off in our local parades. Thank you for helping get our best friend back on his hooves!

Kelly H., Georgia

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