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Volontaire_lrIn September of 2010 Emerald Valley and the Elburn Co-Op took Speedi-Beet to Grand Prix Equestrian Facility, LLC to let them try it on their 65 horses, including international/FEI dressage competitors trained by Kim and Yvonne Barteau’s KYB Dressage program. Since then, barn manager Jessica Lawton, has made the decision to switch all the horses over to Speedi-Beet from the regular unmolassed beet pulp. Here are her comments:

All of the 65 horses really like the taste of Speedi-Beet, even the ones that don’t much like the taste of regular beet pulp. Because Speedi-Beet soaks so quickly, we are able to add hot water to it and have it still warm when we feed it. We were going through a full 50 pound bag of regular beet pulp per day to accommodate all the horses needs, which means 7 bags per week. Now we are using about one and a half to two of the forty-four pound bags of Speedi-Beet per week, getting the same amount of feed. At the international level and even at the enthusiast level, owners and managers spend so much money on tack, equipment and competition, yet we do not seem to rise to those same standards with our horse’s feed.

With Speedi-Beet, I know I am feeding a superior product, using less storage space, saving time, money and I have the peace of mind knowing Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free.

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