Joint Health for Dogs

Joint health for dogsOsteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability, pain, decreased quality of life and euthanasia in dogs, according to the American Kennel Club.  An estimated 20% of dogs over 1 year old in the United States suffer from joint damage.  That’s 10 million dogs in the United States alone.  As your dog ages, the ability for the cartilage in his joints to replace itself decreases resulting in a loss of cartilage that can cause pain, discomfort and immobility.

While managing the pain is your first priority, pain relief drugs can mask joint issues and do not help to heal or stabilize the joint.  Once they are discontinued, the pain and discomfort immediately returns.  Adding supplements such as Glucosamine that can encourage synthesizing of new cartilage and MSM to encourage circulation and maintenance of healthy joints, is the best long term management of joint issues.

During normal exercise and activity, the cartilage in your dog’s joints is constantly being broken down and replaced.  As the dog ages the chondocytes (the cell responsible for synthesizing cartilage) no longer have the building blocks to synthesize new cartilage to keep up with the breakdown of the old cartilage.  This leaves bone on bone contact and rubbing that leads to inflammation.  Once inflamed, enzymes are released into the joint that can cause further break down of cartilage and thinning of the joint lubrication fluid.  The joint is then more susceptible to injury and more injuries add to the joint deterioration already in progress.

Glucosamine has been found to provide the building blocks essential for the joint to synthesize new cartilage.  Adding additional Glucosamine to your dog’s diet can improve joint health by encouraging the body to get ahead of the loss of cartilage by synthesizing new cartilage and thickening joint fluid.  Adding Glucosamine to your dog’s diet at a young age as a proactive approach can aid in preventing injuries and joint damage.  Because cartilage does not have a bold supply, motion of the joints is imperative in order to pump the nutritive joint liquid in and out and supply the joints with all the nutrients, including Glucosamine, needed to be healthy.  Regular exercise and movement is also necessary for joint health and healthy cartilage.  Glucosamine has proven to be the safest and best option for managing the inevitable joint damage and cartilage loss in dogs.

Ultimate not only contains Glucosamine, it also contains MSM, Devil’s Claw and Vitamin C.  MSM, a naturally occurring compound, helps with circulation, muscle recovery and maintenance of healthy joints.  Devil’s Claw can manage discomfort and soreness.  Vitamin C benefits senior animals with antioxidants that may help remove damaging free radicals.  Ultimate is water based and contains no alcohol and is made in an FDA audited facility.

Ultimate is ideal for daily, long term use for the comfort and support of your best friend, your dog!




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