Healthy Gut, Happy Horse – Winter Digestion

Keep It Moving campaign: Healthy Gut = Happy Horse


Trio_productEmerald Valley Natural Health, the leader in natural feeds and supplements for horses and dogs is proud to announce their winter digestion campaign. Emerald Valley recently launched their newest product – Benegest Pro to complement Speedi-Beet and Manuka Plus in support of normal digestive function for all equines.
The “Keep it Moving” campaign will not only promote Emerald Valley products, but is part of Emerald Valley’s ongoing commitment to the education and promotion of natural equine wellness. Our staff, including consultant Dr Tom Shurlock will be publishing articles and helpful facts about equine digestion online throughout the winter season.
During the cold winter months, horse owners have searched for creative ways to keep their horses gut moving, remain hydrated and maintain proper gut ph. Without a healthy digestive system, equines can succumb to a variety of health issues including ulcers and colic. Hind gut health and support is the most commonly over looked part of the equine digestive system, yet the most sensitive. Studies show that most ulcers are found in the hind gut, not the stomach which is where most paste products end their support.
“Our company goal is to offer natural options for horses owners looking to maintain and support their horse’s digestion through the entire process, especially during the winter months. Major factors that play a role in a healthy equine digestive tract include a high fiber diet, plenty of water, a balanced gut ph with active digestive enzymes, and the often overlooked healthy immune system.” Says Emerald Valley President, Cheryl Price. “Our products answer all these needs with quality ingredients and great success.”
Speedi-Beet is beet pulp, reinvented, a fiber packed feed stuff available for every equine to enjoy daily. Fiber is the most important part of every equine’s diet. With its super low starch and sugar content, Speedi-Beet can also be fed to help maintain proper sugar levels and normal ph in the gut.
Water/proper hydration is also essential to the delicate equine digestive system. During the winter months, horses may have a tendency to drink less, especially if they are not in work. Without plenty of water to help support digestion, horses can end up with a slow moving gut. Speedi-Beet also offers one of the best ways to hydrate your equine by soaking up to five times its size in water in just 10 minutes.
Manuka Plus, Emerald Valley’s liquid herbal supplement offers the benefits of Manuka Honey, licorice root and papaya to help maintain enzymatic digestive support, a healthy immune system and promote a normal inflammatory response within the stomach and hind gut. Manuka Plus also boasts the quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council and is made in a FDA licensed and regulated lab right here in the USA!


Benegest Pro was developed in conjunction with Dr. Tom Shurlock of British Horse Feeds to offer a complete profile of prebiotics and probiotics to help support all three phases of the digestive process. Dr Tom points out, “a good digestion product supports the enzymatic breakdown of feed, helps maintain the vitality of the absorptive surfaces and maintains a beneficial microbial population to optimize the utilization of fiber.” Benegest Pro is offered as a top dressing made with natural ingredients such as hemp oil, seaweed and oats.
Emerald Valley will be offering special pricing online for Benegest Pro and Manuka Plus throughout the winter. Speedi-Beet can be found at local feed stores across the country with a full dealer list on our website at


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