Fiddler and this amazing supplement

This is the story of my best friend, Fiddler and this amazing supplement. I have had Fiddler, a Morgan Horse, for 10 years and I have had an idea for a couple of years that Fiddler (now 23) may be suffering from Cushings. Rough, very thick winter hair coat that I would have to clip down every summer, when he would lose only about 1/3 of it. This last winter 2013, it was apparent he was showing other symptoms as well, depression, a lot less energy, excessive urinating and he was not enjoying our rides.

I decided to stop riding him and had not ridden in a couple of months when a friend of mine gave me a magazine. I saw this article for a product that helps to support pituitary gland function. I called the number and spoke to a staff member that answered all my questions. A couple of weeks later I ordered a gallon of Evitex. I received the product quickly on 1/27/2014.

I followed the directions and within a month I could already see less urinating and he appeared less depressed. On 2/21/2014, I rode my friend for the first time in months. Both Fiddler and I were so happy. The first 3 photos of Fiddler show what he looked like when I first started him on Evitex.

I received my 2nd gallon of Evitex on 3/24/2014. Fiddler only improved every week. He started losing that thick dense coat like he hadn’t in years. The fourth photo was taken on 5/20/2014. As you can see he looks super and his muscle tone has much improved as well. 

The next three photos were taken on 6/11/2014. My prayers have been answered. People that knew what Fiddler looked like before are amazed, and others just can’t believe he is 23 years old. We ride a couple times a week and I’m so grateful he is feeling much healthier and now there is less risk of founder. We Thank You Emerald Valley and Evitex

Zina and Fiddler, AZ


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