Fibre-Beet® Testimonials

Catherine Haddad

Team Windchase

“Feeding Fibre Beet is one of the best ways to supplement your horse’s forage intake when he is not on pasture.  Served wet, the alfalfa combined with beet pulp helps replace both the high fiber and water content of grass. It’s a super source of protein and fiber for top performance horses.  Feeding Fibre Beet is one way for me to keep an integral part of my horses’ diets consistent on both the European and American continents.”

~ Catherine Haddad, USDF Gold Medalist

Heather and David Schneider, Wind Chase Farms

team windchase

“Keeping hard working ponies in peek condition can be tricky. Too much fizz can be a real problem and living in the SouthEast, we have difficulties keeping our hay supply consistent. With the addition of Fibre-Beet, we know our team is getting a steady and consistent form of high quality, highly digestible fiber and they love the taste! We use it on the road and at home. It really keeps our ponies hydrated and happy!”

~ Heather and David Schneider, Wind Chase Farms, Palm City, Florida


Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue



Thanks again – you have no idea what a difference this product has made to so many horses in dire need!

ASIYA: She was rescued last July from a hoarding situation in Naples Florida. Today she is doing magnificently well and she has taken on the role of becoming Baby Indy’s “mom”.

MYSTICAL: Fresian mare rescued in May from an abusive situation. Here she is with her weight back on. She is ready to find her new forever home.

ITSUKO: 20yr old OTTB mare rescued in June

BABY GIRL: We are sure that the Fibre-Beet you donated played a very important role in getting Baby Girl the proper nutrition and weight (she was 295 lbs as a two-year old quarter horse). She needed to undergo two surgeries to remove the diseased bone fragments near her TMJ, including the condoyle end of her lower jaw bone.  She is no longer on antibiotics and is acting like a horse and weighs 530 lbs!

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