Evitex and Attitude

There are no words to express the gratitude I have for your company and Evitex. After 30 years of witnessing a variety of horses trying to cope with the stress of living in our world I firmly believe that most domestic working horses should be on Evitex. If you listen with your heart they are telling you that all is not well. Monitor and chart their individual behavior patterns-if you are observing surliness, obsessive/compulsive tendencies, various tumors, skin/coat problems, irregular and or troublesome cycling, weight inconsistencies and general not all is as it could be , I not only recommend Emerald Valley products, never again will an equine angel of mine be without.

I have found that a grass hay and no molasses soaked beet pulp with the basic multi-vitamin mineral supplements for your area and Evitex gives the quickest results. I recommend this diet as a jump start while waiting for you first order. The company moves heaven and earth to get your horse’s order to him as soon as possible. In no time you will find it paying for itself in decreased costs of a multitude of other supplements and grain type products and training issues. My shavings bill even dropped dramatically when one mare ceased all stall walking (actually spinning!). She no longer turned a stall full of bedding to fine dust in hours. Naturally when the air was not dust laden she and her stable mates sinus irritations disappeared.

Feel free to call me with questions. I assure you there is hope — I only regret that I did not know long ago. Listen with your heart, observe with a soft eye. Keep your treasured friend in as natural as possible environment, a good basic diet; treat him with respect and firm kindness and administer Evitex daily. It is actually very simple -the rewards in numerous. Again Emerald Valley, thank you.

Linda Bogatay, Klamath Falls, OR

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