Cindy and Pinafore

November 1999

I want to take this opportunity to share the change that has taken place in my mare, Pinafore, since she has been supplemented with Evitex (Hormonise). Evitex was recommended to me by my trainer as an alternative to Regumate. I had actively declined the usage of Regumate because of the effect I had seen it have on other mares. I had noted that the mares I encountered on Regumate had an almost glazed look in their eye. One of the things I have always loved about Pinafore was her spirit. She is a wild animal, AND I LOVE HER THAT WAY.

Pinafore is a Thoroughbred-Hanoverian cross. She has a long back and neck and these things have played against her in her work. She is a beautiful mover; she is agile, athletic and very intelligent. As well as being hormonally challenged. Pinafore had some training issues, these included bucking fits, hissy fits where she would bounce around, shake her head, back up, and generally just compress herself into a bundle of nerves and anger. After speaking with you and the vet I decided to give Evitex a try. I noticed almost immediately (within a few days of ingestion) change in her countenance. She just seemed more comfortable maybe a bit more relaxed. That was about a year ago. Today Pinafore is a truly happy horse. It is the most amazing transformation. There are no longer bucking or hissy fits. The anger in training has passed. She is intellectually able to work through the questions presented to her. Evitex has given her an opportunity to become comfortable enough in her won skin to do the work she truly loves and learn new and more exciting. fun exercises. My trainer counseled me a great length about how Pinafore would not be the best option for me to relearn jumping. We dont have that discussion anymore. We are now able to present new questions and challenge Pinafores bright mind and God given athletic ability. She does this with great pride and confidence. Pinafore looks forward to her new challenges and is a marvelous teacher where a year ago it was a negotiation of UN proportion just to get her tacked up.

Pinafore remains a wild animal but she is the dearest creature. She is gentle and kind and has become one of my trainer’s favorites because of the tremendous character she displays. Pinafore’s barn manners are noted by all who work with her She is not undone or spooked by things that would send her in the past. I have had the occasion to ride with people whose horses are spooking and running away. Most people find it necessary to dismount when other horses are going nuts. I don’t have to.

I recommend Evitex to anyone who loves their mare and wants to see them happy and comfortable within themselves. Thank you so much for introducing us to Evitex. Pinafores and my life together has become so much richer as a result of continued use.

Sincerely, Cindy Strate, Pinafore’s Biggest Fan

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