A more focused Maverick

March 2004

We have been following the dosage schedule you recommended for our gelding, Maverick, who was given 60 ml of Evitex twice daily for 2 weeks and is now given 60 ml once daily on a permanent basis. I think it has made a tremendous difference in his behavior – he does not try to dominate me or the trainer and appears to be more focused. For this, we cannot thank you enough- it is truly a miracle!

For extremely stressful events, such as a long trail ride on a windy day with roads to cross, is it safe to give Serenus following the dosage schedule you provided to a horse who is also on Evitex? Is there a recommended time interval one should wait after the a.m. feeding with Evitex before the Serenus is given? Again, thank you so much for all your help with Maverick.

Sincerely, Leslie W. Mathews

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