Even Horses Get Spring Allergies

With the rains of Aprils giving way to warmer days for May (color me hopeful), things are beginning to bloom. And with the sweet scents of spring come the very real side effects of allergies. If you suffer from itchy eyes, a runny nose and an overall fogginess in the brain, imagine what the pollen may be doing to your sensitive horse.

Do horses suffer from allergies? In a word, yes.  Most often it comes in the form of a sudden outbreak of hives or recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). RAO is more common among stabled horses; it’s a hypersensitivity to dust and mold and possibly pollen, which causes inflammation, and obstruction to the airway.

If indeed your horse is suffering from allergies, Emerald Valley has two products specifically developed with these issues in mind, Immuzim and BTB Wind.

So you come down to the barn one fine morning and your horse is covered in a rash of hives.  While having hives is not proof positive that your horse has allergies, it does cause concern that the horse’s immune system is being challenged, stressed by what’s literally floating in the air. Immuzim, which contains not one but two species of high quality Echinacea, works directly to boost the immune function and support good respiratory health. Intended as a short course treatment, Immuzim is a natural way to provide relief.

Horses spending long winters shut in face other challenges once the pollen starts to fly.  Breathing in all the dust and molds of a barn can make them more susceptible to seasonal allergies. BTB Wind is a perfect remedy as its natural blend of licorice root and peppermint soothe and support your horse’s airways.

Licorice root appears to enhance immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off attacking viruses. It also has a similarly soothing and healing action for the respiratory system, reducing irritation and inflammation.  Extracts from peppermint leaves may inhibit histamine release, which suggests it may help alleviate allergy symptoms. This easy to feed supplement is a favorite because of the natural flavorings.

We hope this helps you clear up your questions about spring allergies. Looking for others ways to help your horse naturally? Please send us your questions, as we love to post your success stories on our Facebook page.

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