Did You Know

1. Emerald Valley’s herbal products are manufactured with purified water in a FDA registered and audited facility. There are no fillers, alcohol, or sugars added. This is the important difference in the quality, effectiveness and reliability of our products. A huge benefit of being water based, they may contribute to a higher absorption rate compared to extracts, powders and granules.

2. Native American Healing
Echinacea was used medicinally for centuries in North America, with widespread use in the Native American cultures for the care and healing of their people and horses. Current technology and more than 350 research projects have confirmed Echinacea’s ability to help support tissue regeneration and support the immune system.

3. The Importance of Taking the Bran Out of Your Mash
Emerald Valley mashes are bran and corn free. Bran essentially robs the horse of the calcium in their bones and may weaken the skeletal structure. Horse owners were led to believe feeding one meal or so per week of bran to a horse helps prevent colic, acting as a laxative or to “clear the gut”. Bran is doing none of these, what is actually happening inside your horse’s stomach is an upset in his delicate balance of microorganisms. Changing his feed once per week to this high sugar, high phosphorous, foreign by-product kills the good bacteria in the gut, which results in diarrhea, commonly mistaken as the laxative effect of bran.

4. Chasteberry Uses
A large amount of research on Vitex agnus castus has been carried out in Germany. According to Dr. Rudolf Fritz Weiss, Vitex acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the “conductor of the hormonal orchestra” governing digestion, metabolic rate, reproduction, behavior, growth and ageing. It is known that Chasteberry may support the hormonal balance in horses.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil Uses
Tea Tree Essential Oil has been touted as “the medicine cabinet in a bottle”. Perhaps this is a stretch, but undoubtedly this powerful essential oil can run the gambit of uses and serve as a helpful addition to have on hand for healing, cleaning, curing and soothing a plethora of ailments.