Connie Merritt-Hughes’s Mare

I’m sure mostly everyone has seen an episode of “Antique Roadshow” on television where someone brings in this piece of furniture they found in their grandmother’s attic and the expert tells them they’ve got a Chippendale worth a fortune.connie merrit

Well, I’ve got the horse equivalent–thanks to Formula4 Feet. In searching to buy my first horse last year, I found this sweet, six-year-old Quarter Horse mare in a hot, dusty lot. The owner had too many horses and they wanted to sell this one. Her coat was dull, her heels were contracted and she had short choppy gaits — but I feel in love with her kind eyes and sweetness. They practically gave her to me even though she was a grand-daughter of Zippo Pine Bar on her Dam and Hotrodder’s Jet Set on her sire.

Our first months together were punctuated by two separate hoof absesses, a possible coffin bone crack scare and a different shoe thrown every other week. Fortunately, I found a great trainer, Vicki Rea of Rea Equisports, who looked a this mare as a puzzle to be put back together. She said I had to get her on Formula4 Feet.

She has been on your recommended dose daily for 6 months — I feed it to her as a treat that she nibbles from my hand! As you can see, she is gorgeous, her heels are spreading and starting to look like the textbook picture. As well, she has not thrown or loosened any shoes and I wish you could see her move right out!

People say to me, “Who knew that horse was inside the one you bought.” They think I am a good judge of horse flesh but it was pure luck being turned onto Formula4 Feet.

Thanks for such a great product!

Connie Merritt Hughes, Laguna Beach, California, USA


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