Chance’s speedy recovery

Chance_happy_webTo whom it may concern:

I hope you can use the story of my horse’s miraculous recovery from a serious injury due to great care and your product Formula4 Feet.

On February 25th, 2009, a person threw a brick through the back of my husbands truck window. The noise must have spooked Chance in the pasture as I found him on three legs in pools of blood. My vet, Dr. Fredricks, determined he had a quarter crack and he was bandaged with a diaper filled with Epsom salts and iodine then duct tape. Chance was also put on antibiotics and small dose of bute.

At his 2 day check it was determined he had to be transported to the University of Wisconsin Morrie Waud Equine Hospital for special farrier services. We had to wait a week for an appointment.

chance_first_beforeOn March 4th, at his appointment, it was discovered not only did he have a vertical hoof crack but also a horizontal crack at the coronary band. His X-rays also showed a fractured coffin bone.

Surgery was recommended to remove the fracture piece but my vet opted for a less radical approach to see if it would calcify and have surgery as the next option.

As you can see from the pictures they removed the back quarter of the hoof but luckily the sole was intact. They actually found pieces of wood and grass inside the hoof. The farrier Dean Johansson then fitted a shoe with a cut-out pad to keep pressure from the injured area. Bandaging continued every night and antibiotics continued. Due to the open hoof, the fracture could not be cast.

After his first hospital visit I had seen an a magazine ad for Formula4 Feet and immediately ordered it, willing to try anything. Chance started taking Formula4 Feet on March 10th, 2009.

chancecomparison_webOn March 21st dead tissue fell out of the hoof. My farrier came to nail the shoe back in place, Chance had pulled the shoe and more hoof wall off. The shoe could only be nailed on one side there was not enough hoof left on the other side.

April 8th, 2009, Dean found a pocket of infection and it was cut open and cleaned out. There was also navicular fluid leaking. X-rays confirmed fracture was calcifying. The hoof growth was amazing. He was reshod with special shoe and bandaging every night was continued.

May 13th, X-rays were not even taken. The fracture was completely calcified. There was enough hoof re-growth to remove the pad and actually nail the shoe on all the way round. They were amazed at his recovery at the hospital. They released him to do light work.

May 27th at recheck my vet actually released Chance to be sent for training. He saw no reason why Chance could not be ridden.

chance-final_webAt my horse Chance’s first visit to the hospital I was told 6 months recovery. After 3 months Chance has been released for training to be broken under saddle. Both his vets and therapeutic farrier are amazed at his recovery.

I thank you for such a great product. This was a serious injury and I feel Formula4 Feet cut his recovery time in half !! I have had Chance since the day he was born and was devastated by his accident.

Kathie Tasovac
Marengo, Ill. USA

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