Specialist Diets and the Veteran Horse

It is naturally assumed that, as your horse grows older, it will put on or lose weight, it will need a specialist diet to maintain condition and at the same time you will need to modify its feeding regime as activity declines, and the form of its feed as teeth will increasingly become a problem. Horses have …

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Five Benefits for Feeding Cooked Linseed

• Ideal addition to any feeding regime. Cooked Linseed is beneficial to performance, condition, skin and coat and general health. The processing method, involving just gentle cooking and milling, improves the availability of the nutrients and allows greater utilisation of linseed and a higher digestible energy level. Cooked Linseed supports the horse’s well-being and all …

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Dr Travers

I certainly feel Evitex has been beneficial in my practice treating PPID horses. Your feed products would be an excellent adjunct to medical treatments of IR, EMS and PPID and would be happy to endorse these products-Dr. James Travers, Southwest Veterinary, CA