Mischief’s senior years

At 13 years old, I noticed my Cairn Terrier, Mischief, slowly showing her age. She has always been active and most certainly earned her name. Mischief has no desire to slow down in her senior years, however I noticed her body telling her otherwise. In just two weeks, Emerald Valley’s Ultimate product has already started …

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Great joint support for my lab, Tess!


Great joint support for my lab, Tess! Tess is now 13 years old with arthritis in her spine and hind end. The vet suspects there may be some nerve damage. Along with accupuncture or a chircopractic adjustment once a month, and her daily ULTIMATE she still goes on her daily 2 mile walk and has …

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Homer and Jethrow

Thanks to Equiglobal, we’re walking much better now! I’ve had my two goats on BTB Plus for a few months now. We (3 vets and I) treated them with everything under the sun it seems. They are doing much better now. At present I have them on 10 ml of BTB Plus once a day. …

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