Dr Travers

I certainly feel Evitex has been beneficial in my practice treating PPID horses. Your feed products would be an excellent adjunct to medical treatments of IR, EMS and PPID and would be happy to endorse these products-Dr. James Travers, Southwest Veterinary, CA

Miss Gypsy

Evitex has allowed 32-year old Miss Gypsy Jet to shed her winter coat. She is comfortable and looking good. Sally D, Texas Back to evitex®


Thank you for helping our boy get his spunk back as well as his health! Words cannot express how thankful we are that a neighbor passed along your advertisement for Evitex. We have been the proud owner of Little Mack for over a year, however have been involved with him for over 6 years. We …

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Shannon Peters

“My horses have been on Evitex for two weeks now with nothing short of a miracle response. Evitex has been a lifesaver for both of my Grand Prix horses in different ways, one of my horses is only 10 and I would like to manage his Cushing’s symptoms without prescription medications. Steffen and I have …

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18 yr old Missouri Fox Trotter

Drummer is an 18 yr old Missouri Fox Trotter. Two years ago, he was really bad with laminitis and on bute twice a day for over 4 months and could hardly stand. We thought every day was his last. He is a big boy, over 16.2 and the love of my life. He can never …

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Check out Rusty’s progress.

The first photo is the day Rusty started taking the Evitex. At 4 weeks he is shedding out nicely and has never done so on his legs. The next two photos are from today at 10 weeks on Evitex. As you can see he is much improved, and yes, still shedding out. His coat is …

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I am truly amazed at the difference in McCoy.

McCoy I am truly amazed at the difference in McCoy. He has been transformed in a very short time. I didn’t realize the subtle signs that were there until now. His coat was orange and long and he had extreme sweating. He had a cresty neck, fat deposits and was lethargic. His hair coat shed …

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Cody, 27 years young!

He’s done it all, a working cowhorse, parade and mounted posse horse and continues to be my best bud as he enjoys his golden years.  He shows what EVITEX can do! Cody has been on Evitex since Jan ’13, his shedding out this year has been so much better. – Diane, TX


  I first want to thank everyone at Emerald Valley. Because of their products, such as Evitex, my beloved horse Ringo is doing much better. He is now able to shed more in the past four months than he has in the three years I have owned him. He still has a few issues, but …

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22 year old Arab mare

Subject: 22 yr. old Arab mare. Symptoms: Massive PU/PD, inappetence, lethargy, consistent pointing and off-weighting of left front foot, loss of rounded topline and overall weight loss. Diagnostics: ACTH stim and dexamethasone suppression tests – inconclusive, insulin levels elevated, blood glucose – 300, urine dip for glucose – greater than 1000. Vet. recommendation: Inconclusive for …

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