Barbara Simms and Night Flyer


4th Overall USEF National Pony Singles Championship, Ocala, Florida. Night Flyer ate SuperMash® all the way across country… 4,200 miles round trip, to stay hydrated. Night Flyer came in 2nd in the cones, beating some of the top drivers in the country, finishing 4th place overall behind three World Champion drivers. Back to mashes

Mash Facts

Feeding a Healthy Mash For years, horse owners and show barns have fed bran mashes, once a week, before a long trip or after a change in the weather, thinking they were treating their horse to a healthy warm meal. More and more horse owners are educating themselves as to better nutrition for their horses …

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Manuka Plus Testimonials

Amy’s Gelding Your new product, Manuka LR, is miraculous!!! After my 3 yr old Arabian was gelded, we noticed that he started swinging his head to one side and acting like he was going to bite his flank. The vet ruled out colic and scar tissue and chalked it up to behavioral. My friend suggested …

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Manuka Plus Facts

A Papaya a Day Keeps the Ulcers Away by Madalyn Ward, DVM Since digestive health plays such an important role in our horses’ health and happiness, and since we’ve focused so much on ulcers recently, in this article I’m offering a highly educational article by Gillian Clissold on beneficial properties of papaya on digestion. Enjoy! …

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Homer and Jethrow

Thanks to Equiglobal, we’re walking much better now! I’ve had my two goats on BTB Plus for a few months now. We (3 vets and I) treated them with everything under the sun it seems. They are doing much better now. At present I have them on 10 ml of BTB Plus once a day. …

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Odessey and Shannon Peters

“I use Spooky Mash for my horse Odyssey, that is a VERY picky eater, and he loves it!! The ingredients are just perfect for hydration, nutrition and taste for a nice addition to his Speedi-Beet!” – Shannon Peters, USDF

Immuzim Testimonials


Helping the “Big Guy” I put my Big Guy on Immuzim 2 weeks ago and have seen a huge jump ahead with the healing of the scratches. When I read about it I found something else I liked, in that it helps repair tissue after surgery. It had certainly helped with Big Guy’s healing. All …

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Immuzim Facts

Echinacea Three indigenous varieties of Echinacea have been used medicinally for centuries on the North American continent, with widespread use in the Native American cultures for the care and healing of their people and horses. They are also now widely grown and used all over the world. The current technology and more than 350 research …

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Fibre-Beet® Facts

Fibre-Beet What is Fibre-Beet and how does it work?Increasingly the nutrition of the horse is becoming more widely understood and accepted, and the benefits of maximising fibre intake have been well received. More high fibre mixes are being produced to help optimise the utilisation of forage and there is now a comprehensive range of possibilities …

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Fibre-Beet® Testimonials

Catherine Haddad “Feeding Fibre Beet is one of the best ways to supplement your horse’s forage intake when he is not on pasture.  Served wet, the alfalfa combined with beet pulp helps replace both the high fiber and water content of grass. It’s a super source of protein and fiber for top performance horses.  Feeding …

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