Mischief’s senior years

At 13 years old, I noticed my Cairn Terrier, Mischief, slowly showing her age. She has always been active and most certainly earned her name. Mischief has no desire to slow down in her senior years, however I noticed her body telling her otherwise. In just two weeks, Emerald Valley’s Ultimate product has already started …

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Thomas’ Tails

We have been using Benegest Pro for our horses for a couple of months. I can say with certainty that Benegest Pro has worked wonders on our horses. We had a horse with constant intestinal issues. After using Benegest Pro, our horse is free from any intestinal issues! We have tried many pro and prebiotics …

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Sheena and Keeker

Thunder Bay was being treated for Lymes when we started the Benegest Pro. Not only did it keep his digestive system healthy but it also helped him gain back the weight he lost from Lyme. We have continued to keep him on it even though he’s done treatment.  Keeker, our prized lesson horse, has always …

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Dr Travers

I certainly feel Evitex has been beneficial in my practice treating PPID horses. Your feed products would be an excellent adjunct to medical treatments of IR, EMS and PPID and would be happy to endorse these products-Dr. James Travers, Southwest Veterinary, CA

Miss Gypsy

Evitex has allowed 32-year old Miss Gypsy Jet to shed her winter coat. She is comfortable and looking good. Sally D, Texas Back to evitex®

TB Field Hunter

I am writing in praise of your product BTB Hoof. Four years ago my thoroughbred field hunter was diagnosed with mild to moderate navicular syndrome. Maintaining him on Bute and Isoxuprine did not prevent typically three navicular flare-ups a year – one in the spring, summer and fall.  At each flare-up I would have to …

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Sierra’s Classy Lady

In May 1996, I had the opportunity to witness the birth of a beautiful Appaloosa filly. She was bred by a friend of mine – who invited me to witness the birth. I immediately fell in love! I bought her when she was a week old. Her name is Sierra’s Classy Lady, I call her …

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Tuffy’s quality of life

Hello, I just had to write and let you know what your product BTB Hoof has meant to my Quarter horse gelding Tuffy. Tuffy came to me two years ago at the age of 14 to pasture sit my broodmare. He is a lovely 16.1 hand, huge gelding with a sweet disposition and little feet! …

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Thank you for helping our boy get his spunk back as well as his health! Words cannot express how thankful we are that a neighbor passed along your advertisement for Evitex. We have been the proud owner of Little Mack for over a year, however have been involved with him for over 6 years. We …

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Shannon Peters

“My horses have been on Evitex for two weeks now with nothing short of a miracle response. Evitex has been a lifesaver for both of my Grand Prix horses in different ways, one of my horses is only 10 and I would like to manage his Cushing’s symptoms without prescription medications. Steffen and I have …

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