California Equine Retirement Foundation

After using BTB Plus on our former racehorses who had sustained injuries, we were amazed at the increase in movement and overall well-being of our horses. It was evident that this program offered them relief from stiffness and uncomfortable level of pain that they had learned to live with.  We have one mare on Evitex. This mare was spayed and came to us beside herself with an obvious hormonal imbalance. She has settled down and improved emotionally. I would like to thank you for introducing us to your products. They have proved to be all that you claimed. It is a God send to move away from products that may offer relief to our horses, but have tremendous side effects.

Please feel free to use our name in your testimonials as to the benefits of BTB plus and Evitex. Grace Belcoure, California Equine Retirement Foundation, Temecula, California

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