BTB Hoof Facts


European veterinary medicine has utilized hawthorn for many decades for its beneficial action on blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate. It may improve blood flow through the coronary arteries supplying the heart, improves the contractions of the heart muscle to increase efficiency in pumping blood out to the body and, most importantly, for horses suffering from navicular syndrome or laminitis, may improve circulation to the extremities by dilating the peripheral blood vessels and lowering arterial resistance. Hawthorn may enhance collagen matrix integrity and structure, which is essential in the formation and maintenance of healthy connective tissue.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw is sourced from Southeast Africa. The root of this plant has the most therapeutic value. Devil’s claw has been used as a reliable anti-inflammatory and analgesic for centuries. In the 1960’s French and German scientists continued with long-term research and found conclusively, that the active ingredients in Devil’s claw are just as effective as bute and cortisone.

Devil’s claw is used for acute and chronic conditions, relief of gastrointestinal irritation, swelling, edema and indigestion, laminitis and arthritis, as well as liver and kidney ailments; sluggish immune systems.


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