Breaking out in Appaloosa!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a great product this is.

When I first started to use Formula 4 Feet, it was for one of my appaloosa’s. He isn’t navicular, or have laminitis. However, his hooves were in such poor quality that my farrier made casts for his feet to keep them from falling apart. He lost shoes constantly, and his hooves literally fell apart if he came anywhere near standing water. In addition he was very low heeled.

After 6 months, my farrier was able to get him to a point where with 4 week visits, and special shoes, and constant maintenance on my end, he at least had hooves. They still looked very bad, but I thought that was probably the best they would get. Then I saw an advertisement in John Lyons magazine Perfect Horse. I decided to give it a try. I did not tell my farrier, because he is completely against supplements. I wanted to see what he noticed, what I noticed.

My farrier was out just 2 wks after I started him on it, and I had noticed nothing. My farrier made a comment that his horn walls are looking good. In the next couple of weeks, I noticed he was getting more white spots on his coat, and he had an overall shine that he didn’t have before. On the farrier’s next visit, he took one look at my horse and said ”Your horse is breaking out in appaloosa”. When he picked up the first hoof to work on it, he put it back down, stood up and said, “What are you giving this horse?”.

When he read the ingredients from the bag, he told me to keep it up, and I should also give it to my other app, which had recently gone through colic surgery; saying it would be good for his hind gut. Today, you would never believe my horse had either low heels or poor quality hooves. My farrier has several of his clients using this product now, and both of my apps have great feet, shiny coats, and have Broken out in Appaloosa.

Thank you,
Veva Buffington

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