Beat the Thirst, Feed the Beet!

With the hot summer months looming ahead, keeping your horse properly hydrated can be something of a challenge. With that in mind, Emerald Valley Natural Health is pleased to announce its “Beat the Thirst, Feed the Beet” Campaign to educate horse owners to the benefits of hydrating horses through feeding.

“When horses sweat they lose more electrolytes per liter of sweat than humans do, which means that horses do not develop as strong of a ‘thirst stimulus’ as human athletes do,” said Dr. Hal Schott II, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, Professor of Equine Medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, during his presentation at the 12th Congress of the World Equine Veterinary Association.

So as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. “However, horses always seem to love to eat,” said Cheryl Price, owner of Emerald Valley. “Did you know you could effectively help hydrate your horse by simply feeding him Speedi-Beet beet pulp flakes? One cup of Speedi-Beet can deliver a quart of water or more.”

It is important that this water is not lost to the horse. Water loss through sweating and urination can be replaced by drinking, but free water tends to be absorbed in the stomach and so doesn’t take part in water’s other role, which is to provide a medium through which enzyme digestion and nutrient absorption to take place. It is important that the horse ingests water which is inherent in the feed and can travel along the gut and be absorbed in the hindgut.

The “Feed The Beet” Campaign will be featuring the Emerald Valley Mashes: SavvyMash (Cinnamon), SuperMash (Apple or Carrot), SpookyMash (Pumpkin and Papaya) and GeekyMash (Fenugeek). The mashes are a healthy and tasty treat carefully crafted with Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet beet pulp flakes, not corn or bran. “And they are super portable,” added Price. “Perfect for traveling, competitions… those sometimes stressful situations when you really want to be sure your horse is getting the hydration it needs.”

Emerald Valley representatives will be traveling to equine events and feed stores through out New England this summer handing out Emerald Valley water bottles with a free sample of Speedi-Beet beet pulp. A detailed schedule will be posted on Emerald Valley web site. Emerald Valley Mashes are available on line and at fine feed stores throughout the country. Please visit for an updated dealer list.

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