Cody, 27 years young!

He’s done it all, a working cowhorse, parade and mounted posse horse and continues to be my best bud as he enjoys his golden years.  He shows what EVITEX can do! Cody has been on Evitex since Jan ’13, his shedding out this year has been so much better. – Diane, TX

Susan Beebee, Advanced Level Event Rider

When my warmblood gelding began losing shoes and hoof wall, I knew I needed to do something fast! Typically he has great feet, but they had become shelly and the sole was thin and soft. After doing research on various foot supplements, we selected Formula 4 Feet and Solution 4 Feet. I have been using …

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  I first want to thank everyone at Emerald Valley. Because of their products, such as Evitex, my beloved horse Ringo is doing much better. He is now able to shed more in the past four months than he has in the three years I have owned him. He still has a few issues, but …

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California Equine Retirement Foundation

After using BTB Plus on our former racehorses who had sustained injuries, we were amazed at the increase in movement and overall well-being of our horses. It was evident that this program offered them relief from stiffness and uncomfortable level of pain that they had learned to live with.  We have one mare on Evitex. …

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22 year old Arab mare

Subject: 22 yr. old Arab mare. Symptoms: Massive PU/PD, inappetence, lethargy, consistent pointing and off-weighting of left front foot, loss of rounded topline and overall weight loss. Diagnostics: ACTH stim and dexamethasone suppression tests – inconclusive, insulin levels elevated, blood glucose – 300, urine dip for glucose – greater than 1000. Vet. recommendation: Inconclusive for …

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Benegest® PRO Facts

A blend of fructo-, mannan- oligosaccharides (FOS & MOS) and beta linked complex carbohydrates (seaweed, pectins and agar) to support beneficial microbe activity along the length of the gastro-intestinal tract. Prebiotic activity improves the production of butyrate from fibre fermentation, which helps power the cells of the gut wall and the proliferation of colonocytes in …

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Evitex and Fertility – Dr. Gabriele Kehl

To whom it may concern, I am a veterinary practitioner, based in Germany. Most of my work involves semen collection, and evaluating sperm quality (AI) from show jumping stallions. Given that semen quality is genetically determined and strongly influenced by the general well being of the stallion, I am convinced that EVITEX has a significant …

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  I just wanted to share photos with you. The Formula 4 Feet has allowed my 39-year-old mule to move about like a 20-year old. Duster spends much less time laying down and resting. His coat shines and he eats very well. Sally DTexas   Back to formula4 feet®

Connie Merritt-Hughes’s Mare

I’m sure mostly everyone has seen an episode of “Antique Roadshow” on television where someone brings in this piece of furniture they found in their grandmother’s attic and the expert tells them they’ve got a Chippendale worth a fortune. Well, I’ve got the horse equivalent–thanks to Formula4 Feet. In searching to buy my first horse …

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Cedar Creek Farm

My young horse is gray and at age 4 he developed two hard bumps on his back. He was evaluated by two veterinarians who indicated they were benign lumps and that there was nothing I could do about them. A friend suggested I put him on Evitex as it is effective in shrinking cysts and …

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