Specialist Diets and the Veteran Horse

It is naturally assumed that, as your horse grows older, it will put on or lose weight, it will need a specialist diet to maintain condition and at the same time you will need to modify its feeding regime as activity declines, and the form of its feed as teeth will increasingly become a problem. Horses have …

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Your Dog’s New Best Friend!

Keep your canine partners happy and healthy with Emerald Valley’s complete line o? herbal products, joint and digestive supplements, and essential oil topicals.

What’s in your horse’s holiday treats?

Bran Free. High Fiber. Low Sugar If your horse’s sweet tooth is getting out of control, or if you are looking for a healthy holiday treat for your barn mates, look no further. Emerald Valley Mashes are low in sugar and starch to keep even the naughtiest little pony nice til Santa arrives. A healthy …

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New Cooked Linseed

Cooked Linseed

New from British Horse Feeds! For Condition, Performance & Well-being

New Look, Same Trusted Formulas

We’re very excited to announce our herbal remedies have a fresh, new look! After using the same labels on our herbal products for over 20 years, we decided it was time for a change! Over the next 30 days we will start transitioning over to our new look on our liquid herbal supplements and Benegest …

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Feeding the Laminitic

Feeding a low sugar, high fibre diet is correct, but why? The problem is not sugar. Fibre is made up of sugar. Sugars are converted to glucose, the single most important energy provider in any species. Malfunction of this biochemical pathway – IR, EMS Cushings – do cause problems, even laminitis, but the same philosophy …

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Miss Gypsy

Evitex has allowed 32-year old Miss Gypsy Jet to shed her winter coat. She is comfortable and looking good. Sally D, Texas Back to evitex®

TB Field Hunter

I am writing in praise of your product BTB Hoof. Four years ago my thoroughbred field hunter was diagnosed with mild to moderate navicular syndrome. Maintaining him on Bute and Isoxuprine did not prevent typically three navicular flare-ups a year – one in the spring, summer and fall.  At each flare-up I would have to …

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Sierra’s Classy Lady

In May 1996, I had the opportunity to witness the birth of a beautiful Appaloosa filly. She was bred by a friend of mine – who invited me to witness the birth. I immediately fell in love! I bought her when she was a week old. Her name is Sierra’s Classy Lady, I call her …

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