June is Colic Awareness Month

It is, perhaps, the one word a horse owner never wants to hear, summoning up images of downed horses, twisted guts, surgery – or worse. However, the more we understand about colic, the more we can both treat and avoid the condition. So first of all, what is colic? Colic means “gut pain” and there …

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Shannon Peters-Dressage

                        Born and raised just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Shannon has been riding since she was 10 years old, specifically Dressage since she was 20. She had a successful training business in Boulder, CO, where she met her now husband Steffen Peters , at …

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Fat Ponies At Risk for Laminitis

Why are fat ponies at more risk of developing laminitis than fat horses? What is different about their metabolism that commonly results in an increased incidence of laminitis? It is generally accepted that there is a breed susceptibility in laminitis. There are regular surveys on the incidence of laminitis and risk factors and, although the …

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Pituitary Health and the Spring Shed Out

dysfunctional pituitary gland

It’s that time of year again. Curry combs, shedding blades, grooming mitts and grooming blocks are out in full force to combat the spring shed out. You find hair lining the barn aisles, coating your saddle pads and of course, all over your clothes. But what if your horse isn’t shedding out to reveal his …

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Beat the Thirst, Feed the Beet!

With the hot summer months looming ahead, keeping your horse properly hydrated can be something of a challenge. With that in mind, Emerald Valley Natural Health is pleased to announce its “Beat the Thirst, Feed the Beet” Campaign to educate horse owners to the benefits of hydrating horses through feeding. “When horses sweat they lose …

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New Orange Oil Shampoo

  Emerald Valley Natural Health is pleased to announce the launch of their new Orange Oil Shampoo, perfect for show season, any season. Our Orange Oil  Shampoo is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin. And as oranges contain ingredients that deter insects, ticks, flies and mosquitoes, it’s the perfect shampoo for the summer months. Emerald …

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Five Most Common Myths about Bathing Horses

I don’t know about you, but I have this certain sense of euphoria after the first horse bath of the season here in New England. Watching that water slide down my mare’s legs taking away months of winter grundge … heaven.  Getting that giant tail of her’s super clean and tangle free. How do you …

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Ariel Grald – Eventing

My mom put me on a horse before I could walk, and I began eventing by age 8. I grew up riding at Hitching Post Farm in South Royalton and first started eventing on my Welsh pony cross.

Jonathan McCrea – Show Jumping

Born and raised in County Armagh Ireland, I started riding when I was just 8 years old. When I was 16, I left school to follow my dreams of becoming a professional show jumper. And to maybe one day, represent Ireland in international competition. Success came first on the ponies when I was chosen to …

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