Healthy Gut, Happy Horse – Winter Digestion

Keep It Moving campaign: Healthy Gut = Happy Horse   Emerald Valley Natural Health, the leader in natural feeds and supplements for horses and dogs is proud to announce their winter digestion campaign. Emerald Valley recently launched their newest product – Benegest Pro to complement Speedi-Beet and Manuka Plus in support of normal digestive function …

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Mischief’s senior years

At 13 years old, I noticed my Cairn Terrier, Mischief, slowly showing her age. She has always been active and most certainly earned her name. Mischief has no desire to slow down in her senior years, however I noticed her body telling her otherwise. In just two weeks, Emerald Valley’s Ultimate product has already started …

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Thomas’ Tails

We have been using Benegest Pro for our horses for a couple of months. I can say with certainty that Benegest Pro has worked wonders on our horses. We had a horse with constant intestinal issues. After using Benegest Pro, our horse is free from any intestinal issues! We have tried many pro and prebiotics …

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Sheena and Keeker

Thunder Bay was being treated for Lymes when we started the Benegest Pro. Not only did it keep his digestive system healthy but it also helped him gain back the weight he lost from Lyme. We have continued to keep him on it even though he’s done treatment.  Keeker, our prized lesson horse, has always …

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Dr Travers

I certainly feel Evitex has been beneficial in my practice treating PPID horses. Your feed products would be an excellent adjunct to medical treatments of IR, EMS and PPID and would be happy to endorse these products-Dr. James Travers, Southwest Veterinary, CA

Hot Dog


Hot Dog I just had to write and thank you so very much for your product EVITEX. My pony, HOT DOG is 20+ years old. He was diagnosed with cushings in January. I started the pergolide per my vet’s instructions and after 3 months there was NO difference. In the meantime, I researched as much …

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Great joint support for my lab, Tess!


Great joint support for my lab, Tess! Tess is now 13 years old with arthritis in her spine and hind end. The vet suspects there may be some nerve damage. Along with accupuncture or a chircopractic adjustment once a month, and her daily ULTIMATE she still goes on her daily 2 mile walk and has …

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Barney healed inside and out


  I just placed an order for two bottles of your Soothex. It is unbeatable for healing. Please let me tell you why. My husband and I use it frequently on our horses for their bumps, bug bites and boo boos. We have one particular horse, Winnie, who foundered in 06. We gave her the …

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Serenus Facts

Valerian The first references to valerian go back many centuries, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that this medicinal plant was firmly established in its use for humans and animals, as a sedative and treatment for nervous disorders. Some of the oldest pharmacy bottles containing valerian had dosing instructions for humans and horses on …

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Barbara Simms and Night Flyer


4th Overall USEF National Pony Singles Championship, Ocala, Florida. Night Flyer ate SuperMash® all the way across country… 4,200 miles round trip, to stay hydrated. Night Flyer came in 2nd in the cones, beating some of the top drivers in the country, finishing 4th place overall behind three World Champion drivers. Back to mashes