All Three Look Great!

My 22 year-old show pony who experienced laminitis a year and a half ago has been doing great.
She is insulin resistant and only eats Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage… no grass, no hay, no grain. So the Formula4 Feet product is her main source of essential nutrients. Although this pony retired from the A/AA Medium Pony Hunter circuit at the age of 19 (state champion and USEF zone 3 reserve champion that year), she still enjoys her job as a short stirrup pony for an 8-year-old little girl. She remains highly competitive as an equitation pony and NO ONE believes this pony is actually 22 years old!!!!! Her coat looks great, wonderful muscle tone and plenty of energy to do her job.

My 21 year old appendix has had a healthier coat, brighter eye and more energy to walk-trot-canter/trail ride since being on Formula4 Feet. A previous injury prohibits him from jumping anymore. He’s believed to have a pre-metabolic syndrome, and although he has a regular diet of hay and pasture grass, he only eats a quart of Carb-guard pellets and 2 cups of Omegatin a day. The Formula4 Feet is a great source of nutrients for him, many of which I’m sure he was lacking in his diet before.

I also have a 13 year old little welsh pony on Formula4 Feet. Being a small pony with a huge appetite, he grazes with a muzzle and has limited hay and even less feed, only a handful of Triple Crown’s Safe Starch Forage twice a day. Again, I believe his beautiful coat and overall health is due in large part to being given Formula4 Feet and the balanced nutrition it provides. I have two show hunter horses I have not yet placed on Formula4 Feet, as they eat Triple Crown Senior in a large enough quantity that I believe giving them the added Formula4 Feet may over supply them with some nutrients. I have been supplementing their feed with individual supplements as needed. I intend on continuing the two ponies and older horse on Formula4Feet and would be thrilled to have a local feed store carry the product.

Thank you, Carrie Kline

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