22 year old Arab mare

Subject: 22 yr. old Arab mare.

Symptoms: Massive PU/PD, inappetence, lethargy, consistent pointing and off-weighting of left front foot, loss of rounded topline and overall weight loss.

Diagnostics: ACTH stim and dexamethasone suppression tests – inconclusive, insulin levels elevated, blood glucose – 300, urine dip for glucose – greater than 1000.

Vet. recommendation: Inconclusive for Cushings but positive response to Pergolide would indicate a Cushinoid horse.

Response: mare showed initial 50% improvement of PU/PD symptoms and appetite improvement, home testing of blood glucoses were in the 175 to 250 range for 3 month duration of Pergolide treatment. PU/PD returned to prior levels after about a month. Owner not satisfied with minimal improvement, heard about and researched Evitex through White Haven Farm and decided to make the switch on the first day of 2001. Also decided to chronicle the switchover with daily blood glucoses as they were the most remarkable marker of the disease.

The results follow: 12/29/00 permax dose pm, am BG level 220; 12/30/00 permax dose pm, am BG level 167; 12/31/00 permax dose pm, am BG level 169; 01/10/10 NO permax dose, am BG level 186, double dose Evitex pm; 01/02/01 am BG level 122, pm Evitex; 1/03/01 am BG level 116, pm Evitex

The change in the mare was dramatic this time and the results were lasting. She currently runs glucoses in the 70 to 90 range (Feb. 2002), her appetite is wonderful, her nice topline has returned, she rarely points her foot and energy and enthusiasm are such that I gave lessons on her this past summer. Though she was not your textbook case of Cushings in all aspects, her positive response to Evitex certainly was a blessing that we were not getting with traditional drugs. I know her quality of life and longevity have been extended due to this herbal remedy. Thank you Donna for all your help and thank you Emerald Valley for your wonderful product.

Sincerely, Nancy Adams, Tana Farm, Southbridge, MA

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